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Every sunrise is a donation of solar electricity!

Solar power cuts energy costs immediately and protects you from rate increases for decades. The electricity made by your solar panels is a predictable portion of your budget that always saves you money.

“When funding for non-profits is drying up, the panels are reliably sending out electricity and cutting the overhead expenses of the organization.” – Ruth Lundin, Jamestown Audubon Society.

From the first day, a solar panel system becomes a valuable source of electricity. Solar will reduce your operating costs and strengthen the long-term viability of your organization.

“The solar panel system is an asset to our facility that pays a large portion of our electric bill. It equates to a much larger return on investment than the interest rates offered by banks.” – Jerry Park, South Dayton Vol. Fire Co. No 1.

Installing solar panels on your building brings a positive response from the community. Being proactive to cut energy costs demonstrates responsible, forward thinking management. Donors, members, clients, and the community will appreciate the effort.

“We love having visitors come to ask us about the system and having the opportunity to educate the public about alternate energy solutions.” – Bill Hudson, Buffalo Audubon Society.

Not only will solar electricity save money, it will also link your cause with sustainability and energy independence. A solar building is a good place to visit.

“As an organization that has always taught our children to respect and care for the environment, it is great to be an example of fostering that concept through action.” – Patrick Coviello, Greater Niagara Frontier Council Boy Scouts of America.

Solar Liberty offers a leasing program for qualifying customers that guarantees cash savings in the first year. The cost of the lease is less than the value of the electricity. So you start saving money immediately.

“Cost savings to the Mission was our main motivation for going solar. The money we save can be used to support existing programs.” – Stuart Harper, Buffalo City Mission.

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