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New Solar Panels at Airport Save Money and Energy

February 09, 2011

Solar Liberty

ROCHESTER, NY – Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks unveiled a new solar panel energy saving project at the Greater Rochester International Airport Thursday.

The expectation is that the new solar panels will mean less reliance on the municipal grid. The solar panels are part of a green energy initiative.

The project includes installation of two 50,000 watt solar arrays, specifically designed for future expansion.

According to the contractor who managed the project, the solar panels are expected to save more than $641,000 over their 25 year lifetime.

The new installation will also result in a decrease in estimated carbon dioxide emissions at the airport.

"The solar system works on cloudy days; it even works under three to four inches of snow,” said Nathan Rizzo, the VP of Solar Liberty Energy Systems. “It will be producing power year round. The best power production will come from bright full sun."

The system produces no noise, pollution, or waste. The project, which costs approximately $500,000, was funded by a New York State grant and the Monroe County Airport Authority.

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