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Amherst Youth Foundation Will Save With Solar

November 10, 2010

BUFFALO, NY – Solar Liberty has completed another installation in Western New York which will benefit a community organization.

The new solar energy system installed at the Amherst Youth Foundation on Sheridan Drive is expected to save the organization over $4,300 in the first year, and will supply 42% of the building’s power needs. The 108 solar panels on the roof will produce almost 25,000 kWh of electricity each year, about the same amount used by four homes.

The benefits to the Foundation go beyond a lower utility bill. With the money they will save, they can focus more resources on their programs rather than paying their electric bill. As energy costs continue to rise, those savings will increase and will benefit programs such as Our Place which serves special needs young adults. In fact, the first year of savings alone is enough to fund that program for 8 months. The energy savings will also allow the Foundation to spend money on building repairs and replacement furniture and equipment.

With partial funding from the New York State Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the rest donated by Solar Liberty, the solar array didn’t cost the Foundation anything. The 25-year lifespan of the system is expected to generate about $165,000 worth of electricity, which is a huge saving for a community organization that relies on outside funding to offer its programs.

This project is one more example that proves the viability of solar energy in this region. Adam Rizzo, President of Solar Liberty, believes that non-profits, schools and community organizations benefit the most from these projects because it offers an educational opportunity: “Projects like this show homeowners and businesses that a solar panel system works well and gives a strong return on investment in Western New York”.

Besides the financial returns, the Foundation’s building is also greener: a solar energy system produces no pollution, and will offset the carbon footprint by 426 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) over the 25-year lifespan of the system. That much CO2 is equal to taking 773,000 miles of vehicles off the roads, or planting 17,000 trees.

This is the latest installation by Solar Liberty that has benefitted a community organization. Earlier this year, the Williamsville-based company installed a system at the Buffalo City Mission, and has also brought solar power to a number of local school buildings.

By Roxanne Button


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