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Lead by example with solar energy!

Energy independence and job creation are top priorities. Solar energy systems on government facilities demonstrate innovation, cost consciousness, and leadership in a new economy.

“After our town had an energy fair, we began thinking about solar. We had always been interested in using renewable energy to cover our electrical needs and this was our best option.” – Leonard Pero, Town Supervisor, Town of Brant.

Positive community support and measurable cost savings make solar panel installations a popular option for government buildings. Solar installations create green collar jobs that cannot be outsourced. Solar Liberty uses American made equipment that is fully compliant with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). We have consistently been awarded contracts for stimulus projects.

Solar Liberty also provides clients with engineering consulting services for solar projects.  With over nine years of solar engineering experience, we are able to greatly reduce the costs and common mistakes that inexperienced traditional engineering firms make due to a lack of solar engineering experience.  Our unique approach of a “one stop shop” to handle all facets of a solar project allows our customers to benefit from maximum efficiencies and cost savings.

“The solar installation has been received very well by our community. So much so that we obtained additional grant monies to have solar panels installed at more town facilities.” – Supervisor Scott A. Bylewski, Town of Clarence.

There is no downside to installing solar in your community. You are supporting local jobs and American made products. Making your own solar electricity contributes to our national energy independence and a more sustainable future. Best of all, you can cut spending on facility costs without changing the level of services to the community.

“The Town residents embraced the whole undertaking... The results were so favorable, that we have installed solar panels on the Orchard Park Library building in an effort to further decrease our electrical energy consumption.” – Superintendent Frederick J. Piasecki, Jr., Town of Orchard Park Highway Department.

Solar Government

Solar Government

Clarence Town Hall Case Study

Town of Orchard Park Highway Department Case Study


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