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  • Solar power increases 1,000% in New York in six years because of pro-renewables government

    February 06, 2018
    (Image courtesy: Energy Sage)solarpowerworldonline.comKelly PickerelFebruary 6, 2018 Solar power in New York increased more than 1,000% from December 2011 to December 2017, leveraging more than $2.8 billion in private investment into New Yor...
  • National Grid reaches deal to raise electric bills by 11 percent over 3 years

    January 23, 2018
    (Image Courtesy: Derek Gee) David Robinsonbuffalonews.comJanuary 22, 2018 National Grid and state regulators have agreed on a three-year deal that would increase the average residential customer's monthly bill by about 11 percent over three y...
  • 10 Cities you wouldn't expect to be great candidates for solar

    December 10, 2017
    SEATTLE, WA--(eSolarEnergyNews)--The Northeast region of the United States may not seem like an ideal area for solar power, but there is actually a lot of untapped solar potential in that part of the country. Redfin (, the next-gen...
  • Take Control – Let Solar Protect You From Rising Electricity Rates

    August 01, 2017
    Posted By: Nate VerHague, Solar LibertyAugust 2, 2017One of the most common reasons people decide to go solar is for the financial benefits. There are many other reasons to go solar like reducing carbon emissions and adding resale value to your home....
  • New York Proves Extremely Viable for Solar

    May 10, 2017
    Posted By: Nate VerHague, Solar LibertyMay 11, 2017 A common question in northeast states, especially upstate New York, is whether or not solar panels can get enough sunlight to make it worth the investment. To put it simply, the answer is yes. Ab...
  • Customer in East Concord, NY Goes Solar – Gives Stellar Testimonial

    April 13, 2017
    Posted By: Kylie Monacelli, Sales & Marketing Administrator, Solar LibertyApril 14, 2017 Q: How did you hear about Solar Liberty and what got you interested in going solar? A: I had seen an increasing number of solar installations bei...
  • Why go solar? More like why not go solar?

    March 26, 2017
    Posted By: Nathan VerHague, Residential Solar ConsultantIn the past, when a neighbor or friend invested in a solar array for their home, many would ask them “why did you go solar?” There is a long list of reasons why someone would invest in solar...
  • The Solar Revolution – Going Solar ‘No Matter What’

    February 08, 2017
    Posted By: Kylie Monacelli One thing is apparent… solar is becoming the ‘new normal’. Forget the enticing monetary incentives from governments, local job creation, cleaner air and land – people want to go solar simply to just become part...
  • Solar Installations Promote Cost Savings and Local Job Growth

    February 07, 2017
    Posted By: Nathan VerHague As technology continues to advance and we update our electrical grid, renewable energy sources are becoming a larger piece of the puzzle every day. There are several contributing factors to this phenomenon. First and f...

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